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How To Get an Online Teaching Job?

Distance learning is not a new concept. It has transformed over the years from mail-in programs to environments that support both asynchronous and/or asynchronous online experiences. Despite the emergence of online educational opportunities, job searches are still lagging behind. It is refreshing to know that you don’t have to get a newspaper to look for an online teaching job, but it’s not readily at your fingertips either. It’s ironic that in an industry that focuses on the use of the Internet for its way of communicating, many first-timers find it difficult to find job opportunities.

Where do you start? Many universities and colleges are new to this experience as well. It depends heavily on their Human Resource department, in many cases to keep all job postings up to date. But with the overwhelming need for on-ground professors, they must now cater to the online community. There are a few ways to start and no particular order.

Hit the job boards! The most noted ones have begun to obtain the university and college positions that are looking for online instructors. Using a keyword search will help to narrow down the search and provide you with more specific job opportunities that are looking for online instructors. Monster and CareerBuilder have been posting many online opportunities.

Research the Niche Job Boards! In your favorites include several websites that focus on Higher Education. Many of these websites are including an employment link as a part of their services. The Chronicle of Higher Education and Adjunct Nation is just two sites that dedicate their content to higher education.

Review schools with online programs! Look at schools that offer programs of study that you are qualified to teach in. Go to their employment area, which is not always easy to find, so become the great research student that you were in college and begin the hunt. Once found, it will usually give you direction on what jobs are available and how to apply. It is also suggested to find out who is the department chair or dean of the school and forward your credentials and letter of interest directly to their attention. Show them why you stand out from the rest.

Network! There is a growing community of instructors who are teaching online, on-ground, or wanting to enter the industry. Take advantage of the knowledge and resources that are available and most right online! TOTE4Teachers is a Yahoo group that was designed to bring online instructors and universities and colleges together in one location. Job opportunities are posted daily by its members. Other resources include blogs, discussion boards, networking groups, and word of mouth.

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